The solution that delivers impressive results is based on Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's Theory of Constraints. Its focus is on achieving performance breakthroughs in environments dominated by high uncertainty. The Theory of Constraints addresses the apparent complexity by identifying and resolving those few key constraints that cause the most disruption to the timely flow of projects.

Control Work in Progress
Flow is the number one consideration. When too many projects are executed simultaneously many resources will find themselves under pressure to work on more than one task – bad multi-tasking is unavoidable. Prolific bad multi-tasking significantly prolongs each project’s lead time.

Focus on Execution
It is not important to finish each task on time, it is essential to finish each project on time. The only way to determine the daily priorities of tasks is by examining their impact on the on time completion of the projects in the portfolio. Critical Chain Project Management is a priority system that operates according to this concept.