Het Project
F.J. Ebbensstraat 56
4007 WG Tiel
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 6 5125 0953
KvK: 11059512

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Blue Jonah speeds up processes and projects. They aim to help their clients to achieve unprecedented and sustainable performance levels.
Their solutions and consulting work are focused at bottom line results by improving on time delivery performance and reducing delivery lead times, two key performance indicators for any business delivering products, projects or services.

QFI Consulting is a management consultancy specializing in creating and implementing whole-system solutions based on a deep understanding of the underpinning principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). QFI is renowned for its track record of helping organizations to deliver unprecedented breakthroughs in performance.

Realization provides Planning and Execution software that is designed for the uncertain world of engineering and projects. Realization makes it easy for organizations to be fast and efficient.

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Stichting Projectkompassie (PKP) wil als stichting een brug slaan tussen het bedrijfsleven en de opleidingswereld waarin projectmanagement de brug vormt om deze twee te verbinden. Daarin staat de ontwikkeling van het aangesloten individu en/of bedrijf centraal.